Documentum platform provides industries with a unified content architecture. Documentum’s enterprise-class infrastructure was built to meet the needs of the world's most demanding global enterprises. Based on service-oriented technology, Documentum's demonstrated stability and scalability enable you to seamlessly incorporate content management into your information infrastructure.

Enhance Collaboration & Productivity
Leverage Web 2.0 technologies and community-based work models enable enhanced creativity, information management, and collaboration among users.

Get a completely scalable content infrastructure that easily handles any type of content in virtually unlimited volume, with additional capabilities to support high-volume transaction and archive environments.

Business Continuity
Configure and deploy the Documentum platform to ensure high availability, reducing or eliminating the impact of interruptions to system availability.

Get a comprehensive set of security features including access controls, encryption of communications and content, audit trails, digital shredding, and integrations for identity management and policy definition.

Gain full-featured search functionality, greater flexibility, and more accurate access to information within your enterprise content management systems.

Distributed Content
Enable remote users to quickly access the content they require, while maintaining centralized control with low overhead.

Enable seamless integration with existing e-business infrastructures, enterprise systems, authoring applications, and development tools with a platform that adheres to open standards.