Hosted Solutions

Intellidox® SaaS Hosted Solutions offer all the features and flexibility of an on-premise Intellidox solution without the startup costs and ongoing systems management. Host any Intellidox Solution today.

Intellidox SaaS Solution benefits:

  • Significantly lower upfront costs with little to no capital outlay – monthly subscription easy to plan and budget
  • Rapid deployment saves you time and money
  • Optimized for multiple locations, remote office and home office users – accessible any time, any where
  • Allows companies to focus on their core competencies
  • Easily scales up or down with your business

No Infrastructure Overhead:

  • No infrastructure to purchase or maintain
  • No need to recruit, train and retain ECM system administrators
  • Maintain state of the art system without having to make reoccurring invests in Hardware and Software
  • Solution hosted in a SAS70 Type II datacenter with 7x24 monitoring

Automatically file documents in the correct folder.

Automatically generate folder hiearchies based on predetermined, configurable rules.

Ensure consistent naming, sequencing and uniqueness standards are enforced.

Automatically populate document attributes for accuracy and efficiency.

Ensure the correct and approved templates are used for new content.

Lifecycle, workflow and revision control out-of-the-box.

  • Integrated Revision Control
  • Linear & Non-Linear Life Cycles
  • Custom Business Logic Support
  • Automated Workflow Initiation
  • Configurable Event-Driven Notifications
Hosted Solutions

Intellidox for Smarter Document Management Solutions!

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