Intellidox® is an innovative application layer to Documentum that allows robust solutions to solve business problems without the need for custom coding. These solutions provide extensive functionality out of the box, yet they keep a simple and clean UI for the end user.

Intellidox Solutions:

  • Are highly functional out of the box
  • Provide best practices and automation
  • Greatly simplifies the Documentum user experience
  • Reduces the implementation timeframe
  • Available Fixed Price option (with implementation included)

Automatically file documents in the correct folder.

Automatically generate folder hiearchies based on predetermined, configurable rules.

Ensure consistent naming, sequencing and uniqueness standards are enforced.

Automatically populate document attributes for accuracy and efficiency.

Ensure the correct and approved templates are used for new content.

Lifecycle, workflow and revision control out-of-the-box.

  • Integrated Revision Control
  • Linear & Non-Linear Life Cycles
  • Custom Business Logic Support
  • Automated Workflow Initiation
  • Configurable Event-Driven Notifications
Out-of-Box Solutions

Intellidox for Smarter Document Management Solutions!

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