Telecommunications: Mobile Messaging Service Provider

The client is a rapidly growing, international organization with operations on nearly every continent. The nature of their business--mobile messaging and data services--inherently produces a large number and variety of commercial contracts, all produced and executed by the various international sales teams. The company's general council needed a centralized repository for managing the company's official records of executed contracts.

Contract Document Management Solution Profile

Media, Entertainment: Leading Internet Service Provider

The client's business units--Product and Business Technologies--develop software and technologies for their online services and internal corporate systems. The organization needed a centralized document management repository for the documentation that was produced by the projects following their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Management and control of certain key SDLC documents was critical, not only for effective software development, but also because delivery and retention of these documents was required in order for Finance to capitalize the development costs. Ineffective and inconsistent management of these project documents resulted in missed opportunities for capitalization.

Project Document Management Solution Profile

Life Sciences: Global Life Sciences Corporation

The client's Agriculture Products division produces hundreds of different consumer products. Product labels are very important as they convey the product ingredients, regulatory and safety information required by the various federal, state, and local government agencies. A single product may have several label variations based on packaging type, branding and the region it is being marketed. The client's legacy product label management system was running on dated Documentum Content Server (EDMS98) and client (Workspace) technologies. The system was only available to users via a CITRIX (virtual server) connection due to software incompatibilities with current server and client requirements and software. The custom code developed for Workspace could not be ported to the newest Documentum release. The client needed a replacement for the aged system. An upgrade would allow them to take advantage of new Documentum functionality and modify business rules to the current requirements.

Product Label Management Solution Profile

Energy - Nuclear: Commercial Uranium Enrichment Facility

The nuclear power industry is a highly regulated environment and requires strict adherence and consistent use of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure safe and continuous operation. Effective management of these critical business documents are essential to the organization. The client recognized that it needed a simple, but powerful solution for managing the creation and revision of SOPs.

Policies & Procedures Management Solution Profile

Aviation: Largest Global Aviation Training Provider

The client used a static web solution to disseminate courseware materials to its instructors and learning centers. The manual processes required to maintain such a site prevented it from being a reliable source of approved materials. Also, its delivery of only published documents offered no control over the creation of courseware content and no means of tracking document progression through the revision process. In order to overcome these challenges, the client wanted to replace their legacy system with an Enterprise Content Management platform that could act as the authoritative source of approved documents and provide a comprehensive set of tools for managing content creation and document workflows.

In addition to replacing the legacy system, the organization wanted to utilize a sophisticated document management solution for several other internal document types, which captured product approval and quality management (QMS) information. The client hoped to leverage Documentum's comprehensive toolset in order to apply more robust security to these documents and improve the ability of users to locate documents based on custom attributes.

Training Courseware Management Solution Profile